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Julia Shoe

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Leather sneaker • Round toe • Flat laces
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The Shoe Queen

Ladies, the time is now: it’s time for you to find the pair of shoes that will make you happy, and above all that will be perfect for the new season. And in this game, we are not kidding.

Over the seasons, this pair of shoes has become as indispensable as one of your favourite jeans in your wardrobe. Yes, we are talking about this absolutely gorgeous pair of spring/winter shoes.

A Must-Have Pair

Chic and comfortable femininity is making a resounding comeback this season. A mix of influences from the four corners of the world, from it-girls and Instagram, this trend is already offering us stylish perspectives.

A true rock star, she has got everyone on board and has taken over the trends in the shoe department. A brilliant remedy to avoid the blues this season.

Your Favorite Pair for 5€

  • Chic, comfortable and warm
  • This year’s must-have piece
  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable for all styles

2 reviews for Julia Shoe

  1. Anonymous

    This is a scam…I ordered a pair a while back and they never arrived and they also wouldn’t answer my emails

  2. Margurietta

    This is a scam..I ordered a pair a while back and they never arrived..My sister also ordered a pair the same day and they didn’t arrive either…I tried contacting them and they never responded to my emails

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