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20 thoughts on “My Account

    Hi I ordered runners a few months ago and never received them which is unacceptable order #1392. Could you please provide an update
    Many Thanks

    Please provide an update on order #1392

    I’m having the same problem- ordered shoes several weeks ago – 7 weeks & no sign of them ! No sign of an explanation despite begging to find out where my items are???

    I placed an other not there do I need to cancel

    I placed an order will it come

    I just placed an order, and it’s showing as payment pending even though I’ve already paid for the order and it was confirmed from your side and I can see the money has already been deducted from my account. Could you please explain this????
    Also please refund my money, I’m not wanting to shop from your fake website, you’re not a legit seller at all, pathetic shopping experience.
    Return my money or the order else I’m reporting your business.
    Order Id: 18290
    Order placed on : 4th June 2021

    I placed an order back in January and I never received the boots. I will never order again

    I ordered on the 5 of June and paid it now saying my order is still in my basket but it tuck my payment but no email to say I paid mom is gone from my account I did email them they were looking for my order number but I did not get one I will not order here again it a joke

    When do i receive my order as i have paid for them and they did not arrive

    I ordered a pair of boots October 2020, still not received them. I chased in December 2020 and heard nothing.
    Today this company have processed an order without my authority to the sum of €50. I haven’t dealt with this company since October 2020. Its disgusting that they have access to my card details. I will put in a formal complaint. Terrible company.

    You are a big cheater company.
    I want from you to refund my money.
    You deduct €100 from my account but didn’t order anything with this cost.
    The total amount of my order was €9.98 only !!!
    Please refund my €100 now.

    I have not ordered anything on the date showing or any other you have taken money I want a refund asap. I will contact the fraud team….

    I have not created an account in your store, the account you created in my name does not contain payment information, as well as my address. In what way and by what right did you deduct money from my account, I demand to return the money to me

    You are a scam, a big cheater I will take a legal action against your business. You deducted 50 Euros from my account without my consent.
    Refund my money back and delete my payment details, you’re a fraud business. Refund my money right away else I’ll drag you to all legal scrutiny.
    Give back my money

    I have also had 50euros taken out of my account yesterday , what a scam , its illegal , refund my money immediatly ,

    I ordered and paid for sandals on the 15th May 2021 , they never came. Then yesterday 50 euro was taken out of my bank, I did not order anything yesterday.
    Refund my money

    Give me back my money, you’re criminals, you took 100 euros from my account, that’s money from universal credit, they gave me to pay for rent, shame on you, I will reported you to the police!

    This page is fake it’s a second time I have to ring banc I didn’t place the order with them and its trying for the third time take €50 from my banc acc.

    Rahat heti takaisin tililleni. En ole koskaan tilannut mitään, miten rahat voidaan viedä tililtä, 3 kertaa 50€ samana päivänä, tai alkaa tapahtuu!

    This page is fake it’s a second time I have to ring banc I didn’t place the order with them and its trying for the third time take €50 from my banc acc. P. S. I order boots in October. Never got them. And now they taking 50 euro out of my bank acc for third time. I rang bank waiting on a money refund and bank is investigating as a fraud. Shame on us to do this to people in those hard times. And shame on us to save bank details after one pay off. People do not get cought with this fraud!!!!!

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